Listed & Historic Buildings

Heritage (UK) Services have a long and successful record of sympathetically repairing or re-storing Listed and Historic buildings. We are experienced in liaising with Conservation Officers to ensure historic buildings are suitably preserved. We know that sympathetic and appropriate material use is key to the longevity of these buildings and our experienced Surveyors and construction crews are able to carry out a wide variety of stone, brick and timber restoration work to ensure our historic building heritage is still with us long into the future.

Heritage (UK) services uses the DOFF cleaning system which is approved by English Heritage , as the equipment works by producing superheated water/steam which cleans the patina of buildings gently when compared to high pressure methods. The steam also leaves the surface quickly reducing any risk of freeze-thaw weathering. The DOFF system produces a fan of hot water/steam at superheated temperatures and low pressure to ensure great cleaning capabilities without the risk of damaging the substrate.

Our DOFF system is suitable for:

Roof Cleaning

Cleaning delicate roof tiles and pointing

Brick Cleaning

Removing organic staining from brickwork or cleaning building marks off of brickwork. (Learn More)

Render Cleaning

Ideal for cleaning different types of render. (Learn More)

Stone Cleaning

Perfect for cleaning natural stone and polished stones. Ideal for cleaning coping stones, pillars, monuments and even natural stone paving slabs such as sandstone. (Learn More)

Stain Cleaning

Removing carbon staining or cement staining from brickwork.

Oil Stain Cleaning

The hot water helps to break down the oil particles better than cold water pressure washing.

Paint Removal

Its steam cleaning system is great for paint removal when combined with the use of the right paint softeners.

Latest Listed & Historic Projects

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